People Walking Wooden Jetty while Raining

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For many people who wish to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, the beach is

For many people who wish to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, the beach is a favorite place. What to do at the beach when it’s raining! Does that imply you have to leave and return home? Definitely not! There are still plenty of activities you can do while it’s raining at the beach to have a good time and remember the day. Here are some suggestions:

Swim in the Beach

A girl in a bikini flicks her leg up behind her in the water at a beach
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You can still swim in the water when it rains if you don’t mind getting wet. In fact, some people find swimming in the rain to be more reviving and calming. Nevertheless, you must always check the weather report and stay out of the water if there is a chance of thunderstorms, severe winds, or large waves.

Play board games

You can bring some board games to the beach and play them there or in your car if you’d rather stay dry. With your friends or family, playing board games is a terrific way to pass the time and have fun. Choose from timeless games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess or give something fresh a shot like Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Codenames.

Read a book

Curling up with a good book is another way to enjoy a rainy beach day. You can read a book you already possess or browse the selection at a library or bookstore nearby. You can unwind, get lost in a book, or learn something new. Whether it’s a romance, a thriller, or a biography, you can pick a book that suits your mood.

Explore the area

You can take advantage of the rainy weather to explore the area around the beach. You can go to some nearby sights, like museums, art galleries, historical sites, or theme parks. Additionally, you can drive or stroll and find some undiscovered attractions like cafes, stores, or parks.

Make some art

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You can use the rain as inspiration for some art if you’re feeling really imaginative. Drawing, painting, or sketching the beach scene with the rains and clouds is possible. Additionally, you can build crafts using driftwood, stones, or shells that you have collected. Even songs, poems, and stories can be written about the rain and the beach.

Go fishing

You can still go fishing in the rain, if that’s your thing. In fact, it’s possible that some fish are more active and hungry when it rains, increasing your chances of capturing something. Just be careful around the water and make sure you have the proper gear and authorization.

Do some yoga

Women Exercising at the Beach
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When it’s raining, you can practice yoga on the beach to stretch your muscles and unwind your thoughts. Bring a mat or towel, and choose a protected area to practice your poses. To further aid in relaxation, you can also listen to relaxing music or the sound of the rain and waves.

Have a spa day

You can treat yourself to a spa day during the rain at the beach. You can treat yourself to a facial, a body scrub, or a massage and bring goods like masks, scrubs, lotions, or oils. Sand, saltwater, or seaweed are a few natural beachside materials you can utilize to hydrate or exfoliate your skin.

Learn something new

When it rains, it’s a good time to learn something new and use that downtime at the beach to your advantage. Whether it’s the local culture, the marine life, or the history of the beach, you can bring a book or device and educate yourself on whatever piques your interest. Another option is to watch a documentary or complete an online course on the subject you’re interested in learning more about.

Watch a movie

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Curling up with a good movie is one of the finest things to do in the rain. Take advantage of the rain if you’re at the beach by finding a shelter and watching a movie. All you need is a laptop, speakers, and an umbrella to get started. Whether you prefer comedies, dramas, or action movies, you can pick one that meets your preferences.

Write postcards

Writing postcards to your loved ones while at the beach during a downpour is among the most considerate activities you can engage in. The majority of words and images are now sent via text or social media, but nothing compares to sending a handwritten postcard that your loved ones may retain as a keepsake. It shows them that you’re thinking of them and that you’re enjoying yourself despite the rain.

Hit the bar

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While it’s raining on the beach, it is advisable to seek refuge in a bar accompanied by companions or a significant other. A multitude of pubs are conveniently situated along the shoreline in renowned beach resort destinations, offering a wide range of culinary delights, beverages, and entertainment. Furthermore, hotels and resorts that feature cabanas surrounding pools also provide bars as a sanctuary from the rain. While waiting for the weather to improve, one can indulge in music, games, and refreshments.

Wait it out under an umbrella

In the event that you bring a beach umbrella, it can serve as a means of protection against both the sun and the rain. Beneath its shelter, one may leisurely bide their time while enjoying the scenic views of the beach and its shoreline. To occupy oneself during this period of waiting, it may be advantageous to bring along some refreshments, libations, or reading material. The tranquil sounds of the waves and rainfall may also provide a soothing and serene ambiance.

Build a sandcastle

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You can still construct a sandcastle when it rains if you don’t mind getting drenched and messy. In fact, the sand’s moisture can actually save your sandcastle from falling apart. To create a sandcastle, you can either use your hands and imagination or other tools like buckets, shovels, or molds. Additionally, you can use seashells, stones, or seaweed collected from the shore to adorn your sandcastle.

Take some photos

People Walking Wooden Jetty while Raining
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels

Your pictures of the beach don’t have to be ruined by the rain. In reality, it can produce some fascinating and lovely effects that you can photograph with a camera or smartphone. You can either take pictures of the beach landscape with the raindrops and clouds or improve them with filters or effects. You can also utilize props like umbrellas, hats, or sunglasses to make your selfies or group shots with your friends or family more entertaining.

Go for a coastal walk

Going for a walk along the coast is one of the most beautiful things to do at the beach while it’s raining. Observing the birds flying in the sky and the waves breaking on the shore is so serene and tranquil. Bring a thin jacket or poncho to stay dry and take a different kind of walk. You might perhaps come across some sights or locations that you have never seen before.

Play some music

One of the most pleasurable activities to engage in at the beach during inclement weather is to partake in musical entertainment with either friends or family. This can be achieved by bringing along a portable speaker or a guitar and performing songs that are in harmony with one’s mood or the prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, one can sing along or dance to the music, thereby enhancing the overall experience. The selection of songs can range from upbeat to romantic or nostalgic, depending on one’s emotional disposition.

Have a picnic

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Do not let a little rain ruin your beach picnic vibes! Just find a spot under some cover or in your ride and chow down on some sammies, salads, fruits, or snacks. And don’t forget to bring some hot drinks like coffee, tea, or cocoa to keep you toasty. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just order some take-out from a nearby joint. Easy peasy!

Play some cards

Engaging in a timeless activity during inclement weather at the beach involves playing card games with companions. A deck of cards can be brought along to partake in games that range from easy to difficult, depending on personal preference. Popular options include poker, blackjack, rummy, and solitaire, all of which offer an enjoyable experience. To add an extra element of excitement, wagers can be placed using either monetary or confectionery incentives.

Do some puzzles

A Man Playing Puzzles Together with his Children
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Engaging in puzzle-solving activities with friends or family is a highly intellectual pursuit to undertake during a beach rain. Depending on one’s skill level, a variety of puzzles ranging from easy to challenging can be brought along, such as crossword, sudoku, word search, or jigsaw puzzles. This activity can be enjoyed in a competitive or collaborative manner, providing an enjoyable and stimulating experience for all involved.

Make some jokes

Engaging in humorous banter with friends or family is a delightful pastime when inclement weather strikes at the beach. Depending on one’s sense of humor, one may opt to share amusing or cheesy jokes that revolve around the rain, the beach, or any other topic that comes to mind. Good-natured teasing of oneself or others can also be a source of entertainment.

Tell some stories

Engaging in storytelling with friends or family is a delightful activity to partake in during a rainy day at the beach. The tales shared can be either factual or fictional, depending on one’s imagination. One can recount personal experiences, dreams, or fantasies, and revel in the enjoyment of the moment. Additionally, listening to each other’s stories can provide an opportunity to learn something new about one another.

Make some plans

Engaging in productive activities while it rains on the beach provides a distinctive chance for individuals to foster their relationships with friends or family. One such activity that can be undertaken is the planning of upcoming trips, setting of objectives, or ideation of fresh projects while relishing each other’s company. Additionally, participating in conversations concerning ideas and recommendations for the current scenario, such as deciding on the next steps, selecting a destination, or choosing a meal, can be a pleasurable and invigorating way to spend quality time together. These planning activities can instill a sense of drive and positivity, thereby augmenting the overall experience.

Do some meditation

A Woman Doing a Meditation on a Beach during Morning
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To achieve a state of relaxation and mental tranquility, consider engaging in meditation while at the beach during rainfall. Locate a serene and cozy area on the beach, and assume a seated or reclined position. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, or alternatively, listen to guided meditation audio. Additionally, the sound of the rain and waves can serve as a soothing backdrop to facilitate relaxation and meditation.

Make some music

For those with a musical inclination, the beach presents an opportunity to create music even during inclement weather. Portable instruments such as the ukulele, harmonica, or flute can be brought along to play songs that align with one’s mood or the prevailing weather conditions. Singing along or dancing to the music can add to the enjoyment of the experience. Additionally, beach objects such as shells, stones, or bottles can be utilized to create percussion sounds or instruments, further enhancing the musical experience.

Learn how to surf

Man in White Surfboard
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For those seeking a distinctive and exhilarating experience, the endeavor of learning to surf amidst inclement weather at the beach can prove to be a thrilling pursuit. Surfing is a dynamic and invigorating activity that can be enjoyed in a coastal environment. To partake in this sport, one must possess a surfboard, a wetsuit, and the requisite surfing skills. Novices may also opt to receive guidance from a certified professional. Surfing can serve as an exceptional form of physical exercise, entertainment, and a means of cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world.


The above are a few alternative beach activities that can be pursued during inclement weather. It is imperative to exercise caution and verify the prevailing meteorological conditions prior to engaging in any of these activities. Additionally, it is essential to adhere to the beach’s safety protocols and regulations. Above all, it is recommended to relish the experience and savor the pleasures of a beach in the rain.

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